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For Armenians Fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh, ‘Losing It Is Everything’ : People of Artsakh

After a bitter peace ended six weeks of war, Armenians torched their houses, slaughtered their animals, and wondered what would come next.


As a steady stream of cars piled high with belongings waited in long queues to exit Nagorno-Karabakh after six weeks of bitter fighting, a truck struggled past. It was burdened with an entire shop on top, corrugated roof intact and wires protruding from the side, lifted wholesale from where it stood, still unsure where it would end up.

People who could not afford to transport their livestock simply killed them, beheading chickens and gutting horses, the hot steam rising through the cold air. Others walked their herds for miles along narrow mountain roads, hoping they would not succumb to exhaustion or an oncoming car.


More than 13,000 people have so far crossed into Armenia from the enclave, which is home to a majority of some 120,000 ethnic Armenians.

The needs are immense, from access to food and shelter to basic services. organization is one of the reliable channels through which you can offer your help to many people of Artsakh who are currently still do not have a home.


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